Picture of Phil  Oram
United Kingdom
Experience Level
+ 25 years
Business Line
Network Transformation
  • Career Milestones

    I joined Devoteam in 2009 and the past four years have been devoted to maintaining the excellent customer relationship we have with our major client. My team's skill set is software application development/integraton and, as this differs from the main core skillset of the Network Transformation team, we have been seeking new sales opportunities that require software development and network expertise. A key offering we have now is to manage and deliver a full end-to-end migration solution, including the development of bespoke migration software. As these new opportunities are now being realised, there is increased potential for the expansion of my team.

  • Everyday life

    My work activities within Devoteam can vary hugely from one day to the next due to the role I play. My responsibilites can require me to provide low-level technical support within the customer's billing/e-billing environment and then to provide senior customer sales presentations in support of a major bid. This level of diversity is both energising and challenging.