Vienna - Austria
Experience Level
Senior Consultant
Education Level
Master of Business Administration
  • First steps

    My first year at Devoteam was a very exciting one. Building up the business consulting unit for Devoteam Austria together with a very professional partner allowed me to dive into product development, market analysis and - last but not least - consulting projects. As I am also part of the IT Transformation excellence team, I have the possibility to contribute to the future development of Devoteam in Central Europe.

  • Everyday life at Devoteam

    In my job I meet diverse clients, which are challenged by various situations. Being part of so different projects and working together with many clients are a guarantee to have very fascinating times. Devoteam gives me the opportunity to work on international level with very skilled team members. This again demonstrates the advantages of being part of a multinational player. Adding value to our client’s business is an exciting mission. I believe it is the right way to go, it motivates me to contribute to big projects, that make a real difference for our client’s business. My experience gathered in these projects is something I can give back to our clients as a trusted advisor.

  • Personal life

    I live in Vienna together with my girlfriend. I spend my free time to do some sports, meet my friends or read a good book.