London - United Kingdom
Experience Level
7 years with NCR in a variety of sales and marketing roles. One of the core group Devoteam employees who came across as part of the Tertio acquisition.
Education Level
Degree in Business Studies, University of Sheffield, 1988
  • Firsts steps

    I started as one of the first sales people employed in the UK, at a time when the company was expanding rapidly, and key partnerships with vendors such as HP and remedy (later BMC) were being established.

  • Career milestones

    My career is probably best measured by the significant customer project wins that I have led, although I like to think that my contribution to the company is a lot more rounded than that. Major customers over the years have included Kcom, Siemens, BAA, BP. I have driven Service Assurance as a specialism, but have always worked across our offer portfolio.

  • Everyday life

    The company looks to me as a safe pair of hands with major clients. I am good at developing a strong client relationship and for championing Devoteam's ability to make a difference.

  • Personal life

    I hide a certain amount of cultural depth beneath my sales exterior. So I like the contrast between, say, my interest in Arsenal, Heavy Rock and comics, with my passion for film, all things historical, classical music and art.