London - United Kingdom
Experience Level
Senior (18+ years )
Education Level
Mathematics and Computer Science, London University
  • First steps

  • Career Milestones

    A couple of career milestones include, in 2006, designing and implementing an agent to import financial data into CA eHealth. It has an uptime measured in years, and I was especially proud when a member of support staff remarked on its stability and how it has never given him any trouble. Another milestone was the development of a generic adapter to allow a help desk system to integrate better with existing customer products. We were subsequently able to re-use this adapter in several places with the same customer, reducing time and costs.

  • Everyday life

    A typical day will usually involve working on designing or implementing an integration between two enterprise products. So it's a mixture of authoring techincal documents, writing software, and configuring and testing enterprise products.

  • Personal life

    I live in Bromley on the outskirts of south-east London. I enjoy travelling and cycling, eating out and socialising.