Dec 9, 2014
With a permanent goal to improve our customers' experience throughout their IT projects, Devoteam continues to invest in its ServiceNow certification programme.
  • Today, we are proud to have three new consultants within the group achieve 'ServiceNow Authorised Trainer' certification, thus reinforcing our ServiceNow team.

  • A force for the group is to our customers' advantage

    This certification from our partner, ServiceNow, recognises in our three consultants – all experienced in the delivery of ServiceNow projects – the right skills to support our customers in their quest to become fully functioning on this ever-evolving platform.

    The ultimate goal is, indeed, to assure our customers, who have chosen ServiceNow either for service management, automation or as a self-service portal, of the tool as a management platform as well as its ability to create value within their company.

    In this way, we extend our best practice by systematically integrating a couple of the client’s IT system administrators into the Enterprise Service Management projects we work on.

    The impact is also considerable for Devoteam as a ServiceNow partner. Certification of trainers within Devoteam will accelerate the pace at which our ServiceNow experts become available across the group while strengthening our local expertise. To that end, Nicolas Hoffmann of Devoteam Luxembourg will guide our customers in French-speaking countries; Henrik Hojager of Devoteam Denmark will strengthen our team of trainers in the Nordic countries; and Antonio Vegue Martin-Pintado of Devoteam Spain will be allocated to southern Europe.

    Thanks to our five certified trainers, we are now able to offer on-site training to our 70 clients (or sysadmins who want to be trained) in English, French, Danish, German and Spanish throughout Europe.

  • The next step in our digital transformation strategy

    With five years' investment in ServiceNow solutions, Devoteam has delivered great projects. Today, ServiceNow is a key pillar of our digital transformation strategy. Devoteam has been a ServiceNow Certified Training Partner since 2011 and a ServiceNow Preferred Partner for almost a year.

    Through our strong engagement in ServiceNow's certification programme, not only does Devoteam strengthen its European leadership in this technology, we are also, importantly, in a position to support our clients with their service management projects from start to finish... and beyond.


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