Sep 5, 2014
  • Drivers for growth often sit within the enterprise. How? Starting with bringing the Department of Information Technology closer to the business and to encourage innovation.

    Information technology has reached a consumerisation stage and IT departments have to deal with a rise of requests from their internal ‘clients’ with a shorter time to deliver.

    IT Departments are gradually turning into service providers. They must increase the level of industrialisation, provide more visibility and improve the quality of service they deliver to the lines of business.

    However, the Department of Information Technology still suffers from a poor perception from its own users who are used to going through modern and agile IT services in their day-to-day life (smartphones, AppStores, social media). Therefore they expect the same user experience from their professional applications.

    One has to admit it is still the exception.
    Nevertheless, end-users are most often disappointed with services they receive from the IT team.

  • User experience goes beyond technology

    By working more closely with the lines of business, IT is more likely to meet business expectations.

    Thus IT department can focus on delivering service with better, more rapid and easier to use solutions rather than technology. Its role within the enterprise must evolve from building IT platforms to governing them.

    Definition, design and implementation of solutions shall be delegated to IT partners.

    Offering rapid and business-oriented solutions beyond technology

  • Innovating for growth

    Shifting technical development to strategic partners using the power of Cloud computing allows the IT department to focus on the value of services provided to the business.

    The IT department is aiming now to deliver Platform as a Service (PaaS) to the lines of business in order to become a facilitator and a driver of growth for the innovative enterprise.

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