Mar 3, 2014
Devoteam has implemented full server monitoring for Gala Retail, a major UK gaming business. Our critical service assurance solution shields a farm of 150 distributed servers and multiple databases from undetected server failures, protecting revenue streams from across the UK.
  • Main challenges

    “Devoteam’s expertise of server optimisation has proved crucial to our business performance and our journey to attaining the no.1 position in gaming retail.” Guy Peacock, Gala Retail

    With a staff of 2,500 operating across 138 sites Gala Retail is a leading UK bingo gaming retailer. Through a huge variety of gaming options it aims to surpass its main competitor to become the no.1 provider in this field.

    In a drive to maintain its market pre-eminence through customer experience, operational intensity, product innovation and multi-channel development, Gala identified a need to review the effectiveness of its server monitoring capacity to ensure their optimal performance and high availability.

    Without an effective server management solution that can be maintained by a limited number of IT Staff, the spread and heterogeneous blend of both physical and virtual servers was presenting a management challenge and might soon pose a risk to the revenue streams from the retail outlets nationwide, due to server failures which may go undetected. Additionally, the virtualised central server platform would also require performance and fault management.

    This circumstance combined with significant growth of the organisation presented added business risks and overhead for management.

  • What did we solve?

    Following the implementation by Devoteam of a new Service Desk solution on the ServiceNow platform (see separate case study), the client asked us to examine server management requirements and recommend a solution that would best fit its needs.

    Drawing on our skill in integration of complementary solutions, Devoteam selected CA-Nimsoft Monitor as the most appropriate from a financial and commercial standpoint as well as its ability to integrate with ServiceNow.

    Using a four-phase approach, Devoteam installed CA-Nimsoft Monitor over 15 days using two consultants and a project manager. Beginning with rendering the core solution resilient they brought under management 150 general servers and 20 SQL Server databases. They created three custom dashboards for monitoring alarms from each retail outlet (bingo hall), and enabled monitoring of the virtual server environment with monthly performance graphs and reports. Integration between CA-Nimsoft and ServiceNow has seen improved support triage with alarms to notify of a server failure and trigger automatically a ticket for prioritised repair.

    The project concluded with knowledge transfer to enable the customer to implement the solution on the remaining servers and manage and support the new environment.

  • Main benefits

    The low administrative overheads of CA-Nimsoft have allowed Gala to deploy its IT staff on projects which can bring improvements to the business, rather than just maintain present levels of operation. Gala has seen accelerated business performance and greater user satisfaction with its new, integrated CA-Nimsoft Monitor solution.